Thrall of Darkness is pleased to offer a growing number of standalone novels and stories which you will find here.

Treacherous a Dragon’s Love

Treacherous a Dragon’s Love is a fantasy romance novella about a young woman and her prince struggling to find love in a kingdom where love is no longer the norm. In the middle of the final battle against the great dragon Arostrath, a woman appears bound in golden chains. The King claims her as his reward but the youngest son has an unusual fondness for her that could cast the kingdom into ruin. Will his love for the beautiful and strange woman destroy the kingdom, or does her mystery hide the answer to all of their prayers? Find out more here!


Prisoner of Love

When Prince Tristan is captured in battle, he fully expects to be tortured and killed. But the torture turns to erotic pleasure as he learns that his enemy, Prince Ryan, is in love with him and has been planning his capture with meticulous care for years. Will Tristan hold firm to his principles, or will Ryan’s forceful seduction overpower his senses? Find out more here!


Seeking More

Seeking More is a collection of short stories that range from the realistic to the fantastic, from deeply emotional to action-packed, from hapless MFA students to prideful vampire hunters. Each story is focused not only on steamy romance, of which there is plenty, but also on character development and an emotional connection between reader and character. Find out more here!