Interactive Stories

Thrall of Darkness is proud to present several interactive stories or text-based video games for free. These range from realistic to fantastic. Some prioritize adventure, while some are dating games, but all share a strong romantic and sexual story line. Will you succeed in your conquests, or will you choose wrong and end up alone? Only your choices will decide…

You Must Be 18+ To Play

m/m realism

You are a male college student with a crush on fellow student Alex. The two of you are good friends, but you’re ready to step up the relationship. In this interactive story game, you will navigate a romantic dinner and a bedroom scene to achieve a happy ending for both you and Alex. Will you succeed, or will you lose your one shot with the man of your dreams?

m/m realism

It’s your first day at Brighton University and you’re already lost. Luckily, you gather enough confidence to ask a handsome upperclassman for directions, and he gives you his number as well. Will you be able to develop this relationship, or will you let it wither from neglect?

yaoi fantasy
m/m fantasy
Part One

You’ve set out from home with adventure in mind, and you certainly find it in a little town in your country when you run into two attractive men, each vying for your affection. Which will you choose, and do you know all the information about each of them in order to make the correct decision?

vampire adventure
m/m fantasy
Part Two

You’ve made your choice and have become a vampire, but many new choices now lay before you. As you decide whether or not to stay with your chosen love, a new adventure appears and you set off to slay a dragon. Will you succeed, and will you keep your love’s interest as you set off into immortality?