Three Is Company Published

Three Is Company Published

Special Announcement

As part of my ongoing efforts to expand Thrall of Darkness, I’ve added a new interactive story! Interactive stories are like visual novels with plenty of options for how you want your story to proceed. Some choices may lead to great rewards, and some may end badly… very badly… There are now five interactive stories available. Try them all!

m/m m/f realism

Play as a male or female college student looking for romance in this NSFW dating game. You’re interested in both Liam and Aiden, and you can navigate your way into a relationship with either of them. But is it possible to get both? See if you can manage the impossible and unlock the hidden ending!

Coming Tomorrow

m/m m/f space opera

Eternal War continues the stories of Damien, Sabine, Mat, and Adrian as they separate to return to their home nations and return to their status of enemies. But given the events they have experienced, can they ever truly consider each other enemies again?

First Prince Available in Print

First Prince Available in Print

First Prince, the dark fantasy adventure romance novel, has been published at Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. Read your favorite novel from the comfort of your home, whether cradling the book or on your own eReader!

m/m fantasy adventure

First Prince tells the tale of Wren, the beautiful yet rebellious first prince of Fontain, as he is forced to move to the Imperial Palace as part of a treaty with the Empire in order to maintain independence for his home kingdom of Fontain. Upon arriving in the Imperial Palace, however, he receives a less than warm welcome and realizes that his stay will be fraught with drama and danger. As Wren adapts to life in the Imperial court and struggles to understand his shifting role in Imperial politics, Fontain is always on his mind and he will do anything to protect its independence, even if it means sacrificing his own comfort. But when he finds romance at the palace in an unexpected place, he realizes that life in the Empire may not be as dire as he first imagined and that pleasure can be found where it is least expected. As his romance expands into his first true love, politics bring his relationship into question and he is forced to choose between love and loyalty or face the ultimate price.

Bride of Albis Available on Amazon

Bride of Albis Available on Amazon

Bride of Albis, the science fiction paranormal romance, has been published at Amazon in Kindle format. Read your favorite novel from the comfort of your home on your own eReader!

m/m science fiction

Sam and his small crew of space-faring traders have their usual routine permanently shattered when they are kidnapped by pirates. Sam makes a deal with the head of the pirates: he will be sold as a slave in exchange for the freedom of his crew. But when he discovers that the pirate lied and sold his crew as well, he vows vengeance.

He is sold to an Albin, a large subspecies of human who prefer human males for their bedmates, and despite Sam’s efforts to resist his captor, he finds himself falling for the man. Together, he and the Albin search for his enslaved crew members and seek to free them, but will it be too late? And what will Sam’s fate be once his crew has all been freed?

Tarragon Desires Published!

Tarragon Desires Published!

At long last, Tarragon Desires has been published! Find it on Amazon today!

In Tarragon Desires, the Elder has firmly established himself in the new campus and life has settled into a new kind of normal, but just under the surface emotions are seething and revenge is being planned in any number of hidden corners.

As Jamie and Derek try to keep their respective campuses under control and avoid a war between them, they increasingly begin to find themselves divided when they should be united, and only Scott and a few select individuals have the chance to unite the two Queens again. Will the Queens be united and Tarragon society preserved, or will their differences be too great to overcome? Find out in Tarragon Desires.

Latest Updates!

Latest Updates!

For all of you waiting for Tarragon Shadows, it’s here! Tarragon Desires, the fifth book, is still being written and will be published at a future date. There have been two major updates this past week!

February 1st Updates

Seeking More (a collection of short stories) has been published on Amazon! This collection is available for $2.99 and everyone is encouraged to leave comments. This collection features a wide variety of stories, from realistic to fantastic, from college students to vampire hunters. All feature strong character development in addition to hot action. You can also read one of these stories for free on

February 3rd Updates

Tarragon Shadows (Book 4 of the Tarragon Series) has been published on Amazon! The novel is for sale for $.99 and everyone is encouraged to leave comments. This novels introduces a second campus and a new villain, and the stakes are increased as Derek’s loyalties and desires take center stage. Make sure to read Tarragon Academy, Tarragon Dreams, and Tarragon War first!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!